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Available for iOS and Android devices. Save, load and share your car location, anywhere in the world, with the Car Nanny car finder.

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Find My Car

Use the app to both find your car and now also check live parking availability in central London, so you can quickly and easily find a free parking spot and use the find my car feature when you want to go back to your vehicle.

Find Your Car Easily

Car Nanny uses your Android or iPhone's GPS to locate your car. No more searching for your car - with the Car Nanny car locator app, just one click is all it takes.

Car Nanny Benefits

Car Nanny solves the problem of "where did I park" or "where is my parked car?". With this car finder tool, using your phone's GPS, Car Nanny can accurately (generally within 8 metres at most) pin point where you parked the car. The app stores this information and allows you to retreive your parked car location again next time you use the app.

Two or more people use the same vehicle? Stop asking each other "where did you park the car?" because Car Nanny allows you to share vehicles. When one person saves the location of the car, everyone who shares the vehicle in the Car Nanny app can also see the shared vehicle location.

New for this year: view live parking availability information in Central London. Quickly find an available parking space in the most notoriously difficult-to-park-in cities in the world.


Car Nanny is available in most countries worldwide. Users will need an internet connection and Location Services to be enabled on their device.

View Historical Parking Locations

Use Car Nanny to view where you've previously parked also. If you accidentally press 'load location' and 'save location' again, Car Nanny will update as if you have just saved the location of your vehicle. To view previously parked locations, simply tap the navigation icon at the top right corner of the Car Nanny app to reveal the past saved locations on the device.

We're open to suggestions and improvements to Car Nanny. We'd love to hear from you so get in touch.


Car Nanny is a free car finder app for iOS and Android.

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  • Find live parking information in Westminster (UK)
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